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What We Offer You

We offer a wide range of services. Scroll down to see all of our offers

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Custom and Flexible Packaging

Irrespective of what your product is, we can design and manufacture great custom and flexible plastic packaging for you. 

Drug Packaging

If top pharmaceutical companies could trust us with their plastic packaging needs, there must be something we are doing right.

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Food Packaging

We constantly deliver on our promise to give our clients a high-quality custom and flexible food plastic packaging solution, hence the continued patronage of top food companies in Puerto Rico. 

Medical Device Packaging

At Alco High Tech, we comply with all FDA regulations to create custom and flexible plastic packaging solutions to suit your medical device products.

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Industrial Packaging

We are highly experienced in the production of custom and flexible plastic packaging products that are suitable for industrial packaging purposes. 

Commercial Packaging

With the help of our specialist team, we will design a custom and flexible plastic packaging solution that will protect your products, sell them, and wow your customers.

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Product Labels

We excel in printing beautiful and quality labels for different types of products.

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