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Food Packaging

We constantly deliver on our promise to give our clients a high-quality custom and flexible food plastic packaging solution, hence the continued patronage of top food companies in Puerto Rico. 

The food industry is highly regulated, and rightly so. At Alco High Tech, we know that too and we have practices in place to make sure that we always provide our clients with FDA-compliant plastic packaging solutions

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We understand that packaging can make or mar your brand; hence we put our heart and soul into making sure that you get a fantastic packaging solution that your brand deserves.

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We understand that different food products need different packaging; that is why we have a dedicated team to cater to your custom and flexible food plastic packaging solution.

We also fully comprehend that customers hate buying food products that have been delivered in faulty packaging; hence we make sure to provide you with quality and durable packaging so that you never have to worry about bad packaging concerns. 

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Because of our impeccable standards, we have been patronized by most top food companies operating in Puerto Rico - this is only because we deliver on our promise.

Because of our dedication to giving out incredible plastic packaging solutions, we also export our services to other countries; hence, if you are not from Puerto Rico and you need a reliable packaging company that can walk the talk, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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