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Custom and Flexible Packaging

Irrespective of what your product is, we can design and manufacture great custom and flexible plastic packaging for you. 

We have worked with companies from various sectors which include: food, drugs, medical devices, engineering, plastic manufacturing, recycling, oil and gas, metal, security, etc. 

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We comply with all FDA regulations and we anchor our processes on GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). Because of our dedication to quality and transparency, we have programs in place for traceability, quality inspections, specification logs, etc. 

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We make products that don’t come in contact with their active ingredients like drum liners and some that do have contact with them during the process. Some are more highly regulated. 

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We fully understand that packaging can make or mar a customer’s experience with a brand, hence we make sure to give our clients a high-quality plastic packaging solution that will protect their products and enhance their brand’s reputation.  

Because of our impeccable standards, we have been patronized by most top companies operating in Puerto Rico - this is only because we deliver on our promise. 

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Because of our dedication to giving out incredible plastic packaging solutions, we also export our services to other countries; hence, if you are not from Puerto Rico and you need a reliable packaging company that can walk the talk, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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