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Packaging to Regulated Industries

Regulated industries have unique, often challenging requirements to accommodate as they seek to find cost-effective and marketable solutions for their products.

Industrial Packaging

Industrial packaging is used to protect, ship and store a wide range of goods.  This type of packaging is usually used on products that are sensitive and rely heavily on stability or that are hazardous or that are bulky or products that have components that are sensitive to each other.

Commercial Packaging

Commercial Packaging Materials means containers, labels and/or cases, that become part of the finished product to the purchaser, used by or sold to a person engaged in manufacturing, compounding, wholesaling, jobbing, retailing, packaging, distributing or bottling and represent said manufacturer.



Alco High Tech Plastics, Inc., is a purely Puerto Rican company located in the Cibuco Industrial Center of Corozal and dedicated to the manufacture of flexible plastics for industrial packaging. We have been covering the packaging needs of our island for 21 years. We manufacture flexible packaging using low, medium and high density polyethylene and other specialized polymers. We serve the FDA-regulated industry (food, medical devices and drugs) and the unregulated general market. Our products can be transparent, pigmented or printed. We can also add special additives to achieve the technical and specific qualities of our customers. We have the capacity to print 8 mechanical colors and photographic prints.






For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 787-859-6590 or fill out the following form

Head Office

Rd. 159 Km 13.5 Cibuco Industrial Park Corozal, PR 00783

PO Box 679 Corozal, PR 00783



Tel: 787-859-6590

Fax: 787-859-6910


To apply for a job with ALCO High Tech Plastics, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: reclutamiento@alcohtgroup.com

Get a quote: 787-859-6590