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Alco High Tech Plastics, Inc

Alco High
Tech Plastics, Inc

Alco High Tech

We are a Puerto Rican-owned company - located at the Cibuco Industrial Park in Corozal, Puerto Rico. We are dedicated to the manufacturing of flexible, custom, and suitable packaging to suit the needs of all our customers - no matter what the need may be. 

We have been taking care of the packaging needs of our beautiful island for 25 years, and we surely excel at it - hence our high customer retention rate. 

We manufacture flexible packaging using low, medium, and high-density polyethylene and other specialized polymers.


Not only do we produce high-quality plastic packaging, but we also produce product labels. 


Because we are so versatile and universal, we serve various industries - from FDA-regulated industries (such as food, medical devices, and drugs) to the general unregulated markets. 


Our products can be customized to be transparent, pigmented, or printed depending on your needs. If you request it, we can also add special additives to comply with a specific need or performance of any of our products that you order.

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To apply for a job with ALCO High Tech Plastics, please send a cover letter together with your resume to:

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Need a quote? Send us an email at or call 787-859-6590



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